Circle of Pain

2008-04-20 01:28:22 by sspecter

Hey, people!

I and TheMillz (known by the Stabika series) together made a great jousting gravity game. And, guess what? It is already in front page!!! :)

Thanks to Mills for the great game concept, and to all NG staff for putting it in front page.

We are currently considering about making a sequel, so any opinions or suggestions here or in the game's review are more than welcome.

Have fun!

Circle of Pain

Starfire 2 not dead!

2007-10-28 22:11:31 by sspecter

After 2 years of frozen project, I finally got mood to restart the Starfire 2.

I know probably almost none of you remember Starfire 1 anymore, but Starfire still get a request or two a month for a remake in the comments section and I must tell you: I am not ignoring nor forgot any of your requests and suggestions.

However, beside my good mood, I still have too little spare time, specially in the end of this year, so the developing will be slow-paced. Don't expect it before 2008. Be assured, however, that this project won't be frozen again.

The good news is that the game is looking great. Good-looking, more customization, weapons, random enemies, enemies of any size, ... and everything already up and working. Heck, it is starting to look to a strong Tyrian sucessor :)

Still, too much thing still need to be done. Few fixes (note the NaN in the score :P), yet more ship parts, more stages, more enemies, more cutscenes,... In other words, just a few fixes and more of everything already working.

Let me know any of your thoughts, suggestions, questions, etc about this project. If you prefer sending a private message my email is I am eager to read all your comments :).

I am also willing to accept any help proposal. Just email me and tell me how wish to help (animation, scripting, sounds, ... money?) and we will talk. Helping will surelly speed the developing. Want to be a co developer? :)

Best wishes to you all.

PS: While you wait why not play Starfire 1?

Starfire 2 not dead!