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Circle of Pain

2008-04-20 01:28:22 by sspecter

Hey, people!

I and TheMillz (known by the Stabika series) together made a great jousting gravity game. And, guess what? It is already in front page!!! :)

Thanks to Mills for the great game concept, and to all NG staff for putting it in front page.

We are currently considering about making a sequel, so any opinions or suggestions here or in the game's review are more than welcome.

Have fun!

Circle of Pain


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2008-04-20 01:32:57

It's been on the front page lol...

But back on topic, I think you need to add more types of power-ups and more things. I'm not sure what kind of things, but that game REALLY lacked anti-boredom methods after you got to the element cup. I do hope to see a number 2 though, maybe even add a online feature to number 2.

sspecter responds:

Thanks for the feedback.


2008-04-20 02:40:15

i second pyros online seggestion :D

need to make deff types of weps maybe with some sort of special for online


2008-04-20 05:11:28

Also you should definitely make like bosses and stuff just to make it semi harder than just running around in circles until they turn around and you kill them. And also jumping from circle to circle sometimes was really hard especially if they're moving, not sure how you'd improve it but that was kind of annoying. Maybe make different types of games like you have to capture the most circles by turning them your colour (by possibly running a full circle around them) and the person who has the most circles of their colour is the winner? or something like that i dunno. But glad to hear there's a sequel coming along :D

sspecter responds:

We loved your "dominate the circles" idea. ;)

A sequel is not yet certain, but we are eager to do it.


2008-04-20 08:32:09

gostei muito do vosso jogo, é viciante :)

sspecter responds:

Valeu, cara :)
Fico muito feliz que voce tenha gostado ;)


2008-04-20 09:20:31

why does it have to look like that lame "N" character.

you should come up with a character design a bit more original

sspecter responds:

Uhhh... "N character"??? What the hell is that? :P


2008-04-20 13:38:01

N was a character in a popular generic ninja game.

as for my suggestions: I'd like to see more interactive traps. like that button-explosion thing, it adds an element of strategy to the game that I think would be a huge improvement. I'd also suggest team battles (mostly because I would usually end up standing in place waiting for my opponents to kill each other in the first one) and free play mode with randomly generated stages to keep things moving when the game is over. maybe even add a feature that requires you to hit a button with better timing than your opponent when colliding or you'll get killed, and if your timing is really good than you run through them, which would become impossible at higher difficulty levels, which I also suggest you add in :P


2008-04-20 20:32:46

Congrats. :D Its a great game, how much did you get sponsored? :]


2008-04-28 12:51:48

Great stuff...but i still want Starfire 2 damnit! :P


2008-05-01 11:34:11

Congratulations, you are the UOTD today!

I played that game when it came through the portal and enjoyed it.

Good job!


2008-05-01 21:39:41

Congratz for UOTD


2008-05-30 16:40:25

deffintly make a sequel, slightley more expanded or more powerups, different areas(other than the circles) + this game kep me busy for like 5 hours, and thats hard to do.


2008-07-27 03:42:54

please make a second one i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!